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Computer Genie is a full service company addressing all aspects of small business computing from hardware-upgrades, networking, software, trouble shooting, training and Web Paging.

Currently managing Computer and Information Systems for several municipalities and their police departments, as well as many legal and medical practices, Computer Genie employees are well rounded with a vast knowledge base.

Personal Training: Recently, Computer Genie added tailored training to their menu of services.  The trainers associated with Computer Genie are uniquely qualified with over a decade of experience teaching adults and apprehensive first-time users.   With patience and an uncanny understanding of how to communicate technology concepts, Computer Genie's trainers will get you up and running in two hours    

24/7 Support: With a support contract, you can call Computer Genie with your questions, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  And best of all; your calls will always be answered by a “live” voice.  Monthly Support Contracts starts as low s $350.00 per month.

Web Pages are today one of the most powerful marketing tools for your small business and Computer Genie can develop a strong presence in Cyber Space for your business at very reasonable rates.

Computer Genie is a different kind of high-tech company.  It offers a complete menu of services, which include analysis of your current systems, suggestions for types of equipment based on your short and long range plans, building and installation of computers, computer hardware upgrades and maintenance, service and an on/call help desk.   Computer Genie specializes in networking: linking from 2 to 20 or more computers in a local area network so everyone in the office can share work and information. 

Services can be scheduled by contract or by project.  The key words to describe Computer Genie are professional, knowledgeable, flexible and honest.

* Certified Network Engineers and Microsoft Certified System Engineers.



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